How to Safely Ship Flowers and Keep Them Alive

The traditional gifts for social greeting in Moscow have been flowers for centuries. This once isolated and cold city is revisiting its traditional floral roots these days with some amazing flower districts dotting here and there in its various parts and one can easily find almost any flower under the sun in variety of styles 24 hours a day.

The struggle of keeping your flowers fresh and alive for longer is often a huge task especially working in the extreme temperatures like Moscow. The challenge is huge especially during the really flower driven time of Christmas in which the temperatures jump way below zero degrees.

The problem with the flower delivery is that they can get exposed to the extreme of temperature or have to travel a lot to reach the destination. The answer in most cases is finding the flower shop nearest to your destination rather than ordering from the Dutch capital.

Most florists follow a long list of things before sending the flowers to the journey towards their intended home. The important thing to know is that these are living objects so the flowers need the air, water, nutrients, and light like another living object and should be treated in such way too.

The selection of flowers is often crucial if they have to travel a lot. There are some excellent species of the traditionally delicate flowers including the lilies. While the central flowers are often the main reason of worrying for most, the other participants of he bouquet should also be given the same amount of attention also. Always including the hardy and healthy flowers is often the only way to generate the happy flowers and customers at the same time.

The process of flowers wrapping is often the stage which can cause stress to the flowers too. If the flowers are plucked in the last minutes, they will get the needed extra boost of life quite easily too. Similarly they should be given some nutrients too to sustain during the shipment period also. There are some industry practices of spraying the flowers with the heady perfume before sending them to shipping too, this step should be done minimally to give the flowers chance to breathe properly.