I Am the Heroine of My Own Travel

I travel naked and yet concealed. I am unafraid. There is sky for me to know and feel deeply… it is me for I am as free as I choose to be. I roar, soar in every space unseen before. I am steadfast in my convictions to follow truth and meaning. There are no cowards allowed here so rest your heads you demons, these wings are not frail at all.

The realization of freedom; the height and depth of it, bare. Coming out of hiding I blow my horn, a sound of victory. I am the encourager of my own spirit. I have opened up my eyes to feel the present moment and it is liberating. Clouds are meant to dance on and my shoes after knowing blood have turned to golden.

It is a new day. I ride the horse of knowing. My scarlet robe trails behind me. I am no longer haunted by the past despite the shadows. I begin as a new baby in a garden of hope and awareness. The sun of knowledge shares with me its expertise.

There have been walls, divided roads, discords, rivers of ambivalence, yet I feel a loving knowledge. I am able to overcome and judge my sorrow. I see the arguments, not to be owned, but understood. Awake in the middle of the night, clearing away the veil, the light shines brilliant into my darkened room.

Ten flowers of perfect form lift their heads toward the Universe and I embrace their fragrance. A perfect form with more abundance than I could possibly contain. I have lent myself to rotating motions, experienced the marvel and it is overwhelmingly magnificent.

There has been destruction in my pathway. I have, in the past, felt confused and thus leaned into it. I need not topple to the ground, no, my path stretched on to higher elements of sound. I have felt a bitter belly and spit fire to overcome it.

I have felt different sides and am most keenly aware of them. I feel strength of the water, the air, and am renewed. I am healed because I choose to walk awake and share the goodness of my healing. I fly.

I have travailed but never for naught. I have traveled through barriers, over seas, and taken in scopes of understanding. Lost on occasion, but finally made aware because of my own awakening. There are gates to open along most fence lines. I give myself permission to step past death and embrace life. It is a simple breeze, understood because it is a miracle in the waiting.

I had been aloof to the gifts before me, entangled, distracted. Yet… I have my own choices that bring the victory of my spirits resurrection. It is as simple as that.

All cards will fall, as they may, I need only care for the perfection of this moment; scents from flowers; raindrops on my tongue, breezes on my skin… I am alive. I am triumphant on the finish lines of every miracle I choose to embrace. Let judgments have their cycles.

I have looked to all corners and innuendoes of life. It is clear, the pathway is simple and yet wonderfully complex. I feel the fortune of life in my own hands. It is mine.